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How it all started!

 Hello, my name is Raven! I had swollen hands every morning for 4 months. Because I slept on my hands, I was certain I was exerting pressure on them. Grandma was convinced otherwise. She told me I had arthritis several times, and of course I thought she was crazy because I was only 21! I was far too inexperienced! Rheumatoid Arthritis was diagnosed on January 13, 2013. I was soon put on medication to which my body would become immune. I honestly believe that as soon as I started utilizing the medication, the pain spread throughout my entire body.

I experienced depression twice as a result of this new way of life, and no one in my age group truly understood my situation. As the symptoms spread throughout my body, I find myself requiring assistance with my daily activities. At the age of 25, I had my first total knee replacement and a De Quervain Release surgery. I've tried a number of medications over the years, including pills, injections, and infusions, to name a few. Niko, my son, was born in 2020. I was in remission for 8 months while pregnant, which was one of the best feelings I'd had in a long time. I struggled a little afterwards because I was in pain but did not want to take the medication because I was breastfeeding. Even though doctors said it was safe for me to resume my medication, his health came first.

Now that I am bone to bone in both wrists and have no mobility, I try to stay positive. I am constantly reminded that the power of the tongue determines life and death! Changing my words altered my perspective on life and my health. I am powerful! I've been cured! I am no longer in pain! Every time I say my affirmations, it reminds me that I have a mission to complete. I can do it! Although it took some time, I am grateful for what I have gone through and the journey I am still on because it has given me a desire to help others who need a listening ear, kindness, or a friend. Be gentle with yourself; you're doing your best.

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